'Supernatural' high? Carlos Santana planning to launch cannabis and CBD brands in 2020

Credit: Ruben MartinCarlos Santana is known for his interest in exploring spiritual consciousness, and now he’s partnered with California-based cannabis company Left Coast Ventures to develop a line of high-quality cannabis and hemp CBD brands that he hopes will help people with their own spiritual journeys.

The brands also will honor the guitar legend’s Latin heritage and will promote the wellness effects of cannabis products.

“Cannabis is a window or a door to different awareness of consciousness,” says Carlos in a statement. “It gives you the choice to perceive through a different filter of awakening and healing, the misperception of distance as an illusion, which keeps you from being centered in your essence-core. It helps you arrive at knowing, accepting and owning a quality of life that is being with joy!”

The cannabis brand is expected to be available starting this summer and will be sold in select dispensaries in California. The hemp CBD brand will launch in the fall and will include topicals created using traditional preparations inspired by Carlos’ family.

“We are excited to launch cannabis and hemp CBD brands that deeply respect Latin heritage and celebrate the unique light of every individual,” says Left Coast Ventures CEO Brett Cummings. “It’s a true honor to work with a dynamic legendary musician like Santana who has influenced millions through his music and shares our values and passion to legitimize the future of cannabis.”

Previously, Left Coast Ventures has partnered with Grateful Dead drummer Mickey Hart and the Bob Marley estate to launch cannabis brands.

Meanwhile, Santana and his band will launch their latest series of Las Vegas residency shows at the House of Blues on January 22. Check out all of the group’s 2020 concerts at Santana.com.

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